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Wujiquan Book

We are happy to announce that the first ever public book about Wujiquan has been finished and is available as an eBook in English language.

Click on this link or on the photo of the book to download the PDF preview.

Wujiquan Book Preview

Wujiquan is a rare Chinese internal martial art that is rooted deeply in the Taoist philosophy. It was secretly passed down in the family of grandmaster Wu Zhenshi for 6 generation, in each generation only one male offspring would be taught this art. What is the history of Wujiquan before it was passed to Wu family has been blurred by the time, but the system has preserved and thanks to grandmaster Wu it has spread also outside Wu family and even outside of China. We hope that this book is the first step to open Wujiquan to even wider audience and help to preserve its knowledge for future generation.