6 Healing Sounds

六字诀 (Liùzìjué)

Organ Sound Negative Emotions / Attributes Position Emotion / Attributes Element/Phase Color/Light Name of the hand movement
1 Lungs Xià (吓) sadness, depression courage, righteousness Metal Shining white Opening the door
2 Kidneys Chuī (吹) fear, stress gentleness, calmness, wisdom Water Shining black/dark blue Amplifier
3 Liver Xū (嘘) rage, anger, jelousy, stubborness, criticisim kindness, generosity, decisiveness Wood Shining green Mirrors in front of eyes
4 Heart Kē (呬) hatred, cruelty, mania, arrogance, impatiance love, respect, happiness, joy, compassion, gratitude, humbleness Fire Shining red Praying hands
5 Spleen Hū (呼) worry, self-pity, shame, doubt openness, fairness, trust, strong intent Earth Shining yellow Roof
6 Triple burner Szì (呬) - - - - Both hands pushing up Heavens and massaging the triple burner