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The term Chinese martial arts itself involves a lot of different schools, styles and lineages. Essentially, all of the Chinese martial arts can be divided into two main branches, which are so-called Internal styles or Buddhist styles and so called External styles orTaoist styles. It doesn’t mean thou, that all the practitioners of External styles are Buddhists and all the practitioners of Internal styles are Taoists.It only means that External styles have closer to the philosophy of Buddhism and Internal styles have closer to the philosophy of Taoism. Here we need to emphasize the word philosophy, because martial arts do not necessary have a connection to religions. We would need a whole lecture to explain the differences betweenExternal and Internal styles in detail. In short we can say that External styles are characterized by speed and hardness, while in Internal styles fast movements alternate with slow movements and hardness is conquered by softness,but softness and hardness are complementary, which means that we can find hardness in softness and softness in hardness. To the naked eye, External styles may seem more dynamic, the movements have wider range and seem to be harder, on the contrary, Internal styles may seem slower, more gracious and softer. It should be noted that both styles have much to offer, it depends what one is looking for.

Wujiquan - No limits/boundaries style. Wuji refers to the state before Big Bang, when everything was One. It isan ancient Internal martial arts system. If we want to trace its origin, we must begin with the Book of Changes (Yijing,Zhou Yi). Yijing describes actions in nature and laws of these actions. Yijing has been compiled during many generations, its essence is the observation of phenomenons that are happening in human body (micro cosmos) and in our surroundings (macro cosmos). All of these phenomenons have some laws according to which they behave and which we can discover by mindful and aware observation. In this process it is essential to get to know our own body, get to understand it, make it stronger and healthier. Wujiquan is based precisely on these principles, which are healing our body and prolong our life, building our body, strengthening it and also learn how to defend it if necessary.

Wujiquan is one of the five Taoist arts that were thought only in family or in monastery.

In Wujiquan there are empty hand forms,weapon forms (short stick, broadsword, sword,…) push hands (wrestling inInternal martial arts), sanshou (free fight), neigong (internal work), pressurepoints techniques, life nurishing exercise, etc. Great emphasis is put on pushhands, which is the basic for the free fight. Long term practice of wujiquanhas positive effects on one’s health. It can prevent and control high/low bloodpressure, diabetes, different kinds of stomach and intestines problems,problems with joints and spine… Wujiquan is suitable for all ages and genders.

Master Yu and Grandmaster Wu

Wujiquan was passed down in the family of Grandmaster Wu Zhenshi for six generations. Grandmaster Wu was born in 1932, he started to train with his father in when he was 11 years old. In Wu family there was a strict tradition of passing down Wujiquan, in one generation it would be passed down to only one male offspring. In 1993 after Grandmaster Wu retired, for the sake of preserving this cultural heritage for next generation, he disclosed Wujiquan for the public, so that everybody had the chance to gain martial, health,mental and spiritual benefits of long term practice of Wujiquan.

Master Yu Qingdi

Master Yu Qingdi born in 1959 is 7th generation of Wujiquan, closed door disciple of Grandmaster Wu Zhenshi. He’s the ViceChairman of Chinese-Slovak Association of Friendship, Chairmen of Dalian Wujiquan Wushu School. He has represented Wujiquan on many competitions with outstanding results. His students are from various countries around the world,and many of them are Champions in different International competitions.

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