6 Healing Sounds

六字诀 (Liùzìjué)

1. Lungs

Sound: Xià (吓) Element: Metal (金) Color: White Negative emotions: Sadness and depression Positive emotions: Courage and righteousness

2. Kidneys

Sound: Chuī (吹) Element: Water (水) Color: Black Negative emotions: Fear Positive emotions: Gentleness and kindness

3. Liver

Sound: Xū (虚) Element: Wood (木) Color: Green Negative emotions: Anger, jealousy and judgement Positive emotions: Decisiveness and Kindness

4. Heart

Sound: Ké (咳) Element: Fire (火) Color: Red Negative emotions: Hatred, cruelty, impatience, pride and arrogance Positive emotions: Love, joy and happiness

5. Spleen

Sound: Hū (呼) Element: Earth (土) Color: Yellow Negative emotions: Worry, overthinking and obsessiveness Positive emotions: Trust, openness and honesty

6. Triple Burner

Sound: Szì (寺)